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My older sisters Melissa and Jessica <3 
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From top to bottom my sister Jess, my sister Mel, my Mama and me.
We’re all 5 years apart!
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Hip Surgery

I am having open hip surgery that will dislocate my hips and reshape the head of my femur then secure it with screws.

This is quite a shock to me so bare with me as I vent my emotions in this long post.

My Right hip

It all began when I had a neck pain issue in November 2013. I went to a chiropractor and he cracked my back but I had no relief. So I went to a massage therapist, she said my right hip felt higher than my left.

The next day I went to a local physical therapist and they noticed my hips were a bit uneven too so they shuffled and realigned them back in. There was some relief from that so they put my neck pain down to unaligned hips. That was okay for 2 days, I went back for a followup and they said i needed realigning again as well as custom mold orthotics for my feet (i’ve always known i needed orthotics, i have no arch and flat feet!) 

Off I went thinking everything should be ok.
Within 2 weeks I was having clicking and “catching” in my groin and hip pain.
My fiancé helped me do some home exercises and stretches to “re-align” my hips.

Nope. the clicking and “catching” sensation increased to 5-8 times a day. The pain now radiated down the front of my mid thigh.
I couldnt sit with my legs crossed, I had trouble lifting my leg up over a door gate for babies. I knew something was wrong so I googled some possibilities which all seemed like they were a bit extreme so I kept up with the stretches and daily doses of ibuprofen, codeine and naproxin (not all at once!). Si helped me a lot by running hot bubble baths, making tea and constantly cuddling me. He was wonderful and I am so grateful for his care and support. He is so generous all the time and I never have to ask!

One night my hips were both “stuck”. They wouldn’t move past a certain point so I asked Si to help me rotate them.

I lay on my back on our bedroom floor and he gently lifted my right leg while bending it at the knee and pushed it slowly back towards my chest and right shoulder as per the stretching instructions.

Suddenly *CRUNCH* *CRACK*

I screamed and bawled my eyes out. 

"What the fuck was that?!" It felt like something had crunched in my hip, like a tendon caught around a bone and then a hot sharp pain through to my groin. 

Si felt awful and he was so worried he had hurt me but after 5 minutes i felt blood flowing to my hip and it felt SO good.

I had FULL range of motion in my hip, I could lift my leg unassisted all the way up. It was a miracle! But it didn’t last more than 24 hours.

December until March I was in chronic pain, then I noticed my left hip clicking and “catching” on something but no pain from that one. when I had to leave my lovely new home in Pennsylvania due to visa process (Have to do my visa interview at the Sydney USA consulate!)

I booked an appointment with my family Dr and explained the problem, she said it was bursitis;

Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body. The bursae rest at the points where internal functionaries, such as muscles and tendons, slide across bone. Healthy bursae create a smooth, almost friction-less functional gliding surface making normal movement painless. When bursitis occurs, however, movement relying upon the inflamed bursa becomes difficult and painful. Moreover, movement of tendons and muscles over the inflamed bursa aggravates its inflammation, perpetuating the problem’”

Probably caused from my human-bowling-ball-on-ice fall in October 2013. But I thought “how did i not have any hip pain then?!” I went with her diagnosis and had an x-ray and an ultrasound on my hips.


All the white shadow is fluid around my femur.

No breaks or fractures seen in the x-ray but the ultrasound came up positive for bursitis in both hips, the right hip worse than the left with moderate fluid. An ultrasound guided cortisone injection was given in my right hip but I had no relief. I should DEFINITELY have had relief!

5 days after the cortisone I went back to my family Dr and said “hey listen, i am still in agonizing pain and i can’t walk more than an hour, i can’t sit, i can’t cross my legs. I need something!” she gave me the maximum dose of Mobic (15mg) taken once daily with a meal.

7 days later; NO relief. clicking worsening and i’m starting to limp.

I go to the Emergency Room. The ER Dr thinks the pain is not coming from my hip but is coming from my lower back, more specifically; my sciatic nerve…. She cannot explain the clicking, grinding, crunching, popping, limited motion, heat and pain radiating in the top of my right thigh or what caused bursitis.  

I go home. A few days later I get an MRI done because they are foolproof, you see everything in them, bone and soft tissue. The ER Dr had an Incorrect diagnosis (Everyone and I already knew that)

MRI results:

No Laberal tear (hooray!)
Right Hip CAM Lesion, bone edema, moderate hip joint effusion


My family Dr gives me a referal to the RNSH.

The Royal North Shore Hospital, where I was born!, where my Dad worked for 27 years and one of Australia’s best hospitals.

I called them but they could only get me an appointment as an outpatient for 11 June. That’s way too far away.

1pm Today; I went to the Emergency department.
I brought my medication list, my X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, report of cortisone injection and the MRI report. I stated my symptoms and pain and I was admitted.
I saw Arj, one of the ER Drs. I bawled again. He was very kind about it. He said he’d speak to orthopedics and see what they think it might be.

3pm; The Orthopedic Surgeon happened to walk past the ER and Arj (My great ER Doc!) grabbed him and explained everything and showed him the MRI report I had brought with me. The Ortho Surgeon looked… confused. He walked over and called “McIntyre?” Yep that’s me.

He took me over to a bed and pulled the curtain around. He asked me a few things and asked me to lay on the bed so he could see where the pain was. I showed him and then he asked me to take my jeans off to check for any lesions. He asked about my fall on the ice in October 2013 and then said “no, it’s not that”… “You have a moderate amount of fluid in your hip joint too”.

He told me to pull my jeans back up and take a seat back in the ER waiting room. I did. Then he walked over and asked nicely “Do you mind if I take these?” Pointing to my large carry bag of X-ray and MRI Film. “I’m taking them to my boss to get a second opinion, you’ll get them back soon”

6pm; I spot the Ortho surgeon walking up the hallway but he’s in theater scrubs and no sign of my large carry bag of films.

Arj comes over to where I am sitting and says “Do you mind coming with me?” He walks, I hobble down the hallway to a room and he says “I got a call from the Orthpedic surgeon asking that we take blood, to check you haven’t got a septic hip because there is a significant amount of fluid in your hip joint” So I said “good luck, I am notoriously bad for finding a vein in my arm!” he ended up finding one in my left hand.

7pm; Pathology comes back clear, no septic infection! Then I spot the Ortho surgeon again in scrubs, he’s got my large carry bag of X-ray and MRI Film.

"Ms McIntyre, sorry this has taken so long. We looked at your MRI films and I showed my boss too. The good news is that your hip socket hasn’t been fractured by your femur. The impingement on your femur has popped out and is rubbing against your hip socket and pelvis. This has caused the edema which is causing the pain. An edema is bruising and swelling of the bone due to trauma similar to the bones reaction to a fracture. You have inflammation of the soft tissues because of this"

Well okay…

"Unfortunately, My boss can’t perform the procedure on you as this is a complicated case. You had this impingement from birth. Your pelvis has a deformity. More than likely your fall on the ice and physical therapy sessions would have aggravated it. This is not a simple fix."

Um, shit.

"I have referred you to Dr Ellis, he is a hip surgeon who specializes in Osteochondroplasty where he will open the hip and shave the femoral head to rid the impingement. This is a long road to recovery but you will have the best care"

So I go home with an action plan of pain killers until a week and a half from now when I will meet with Dr Ellis.

I am scared and it will be a long time before I can walk again with full weight bearing and no crutches but it will be so good not to be in pain anymore.

I looked up what this actually is:



Totally just bumped into my Dad! <3

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Trying on wedding dresses #weddingdress


Why am I still having nightmares?

Life is good, everything is safe and I am secure.

Why am I still fearful of losing everything I love in my dreams?

The best part

The best part about moving, moving house, moving country, moving my life, has been my Fiance.

We have been living together in Mercer Pennsylvania for 3 months now. We had our engagement, Christmas, meeting his extended family, announcing the big news, visitors from Australia, New Years Eve house parties (the funnest!), visa and immigration applications, puzzles and board games, meeting my Massachusetts family, being domestic, setting up a wedding registry,Valentines day, Birthdays, Injuries (my pre-surgery hip is still grinding and clicking!), snow storms and blizzards, dinners with friends, watching his band recording an album (I love his friends!).

Through it all; He has been doting, loving, affectionate, understanding, and patient. He has been so many things and it has really left me speechless. 

I have never had someone love me so unconditionally and be so open and honest with thoughts and feelings. Plus he likes my weird sense of humor and likes that I giggle a lot.

We can plan things with such ease. What we’re having for dinner, what we’re doing on the weekend, and most of all our wedding has been the easiest! It’s all about communication and honesty. 

He constantly reminds me of what I truly believe in and love in myself and other people. This is because we know each other so well and we have great communication. Nothing is difficult, there is no effort that is not wanted to give. We love and respect the same, so everything we do is the best of the best because we treat each other how we want to be treated.

The most nerve wracking moment for me was when we flew to visit my faux-family in Massachusetts. I was expecting my Faux-Papa Bob to be a little overprotective and maybe do the whole Dad thing but he and my Faux-Papa-2 Paul, embraced Si, they adored him! They even offered him a key to the house..

During this trip of family meetings was when Ryan’s brother and his Dad allowed my fiance to take Ryan’s guitar (in a hard case) on a plane back to Pennsylvania to repair it. Even though I know my fiance’s work and he does this for a living and he is phenomenal at what he does, the sheer fact that this was Ryans most worldly possession and they handed it to my fiance with whole trust, made me want to cry in the best possible way. I loved Ryan as my closest friend who changed my life and I love Si as my soul mate and the only man on this planet to look me in the eye and see every fault and every success I have and love me for all of it.

So thank you Si, for being my everything <3

Driving into the sunset #sunshine #sunshine #pennsylvania

Happy Valentines Day!